About Dano

I do many things related to visual experience. Here you can see I paint in watercolor.

When not painting or working, I am either reflecting close to water, climbing on boulders, or playing make-believe of one sort or another with close friends.

I started drawing Spider-Man and martial arts figures at age 4 in Littleton, Colorado. Drawing was a guiding force for me—inspiring me to read, to code, to learn (and invent) new languages, and to travel around the world.

My activity in art carried me to study at the USC Roski School of Art and Design, to work as a designer and artist in Venice, California, and then explore digital media at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden, where I now live and work.

Other Work

I also practice facilitation and coaching. Right now I'm having a blast working at Hyper Island helping people seize their potential. I also have the pleasure of supporting everyday people to enjoy life by learning how to fall in love with drawing again.

You can have a more detailed look at my professional path on LinkedIn.

Want a painting?

I love giving my paintings a loving home. Send me an email and we can match you up. 

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