Drawing Out Your Team's Best

You're a company? Great, lovely to meet you!

Want to improve the effectiveness of your teams? Wish to create better products and the increase quality of life at work? Drawing and visual art workshops not only teach people the pleasurable skill of drawing things on paper, they also build essential bonds of trust and empathy between people who spend most of their waking days together. Drawing is also remarkably useful when communicating ideas to others, whether inside the organization or to clients on the outside. 

Embarrassed by your atrophied analog abilities? Ashamed you can't draw, despite being a "creative?" It's ok. You're not alone, and yes it's fixable. Anyone can draw. So if you and your team are tired of all that time spent in Google Docs and Photoshop, upgrade your skills and build up your team with a drawing workshop. 

Group Facilitation

I provide teams with facilitated experiences, unlocking the potential knowledge of groups seeking higher alignment and purpose in their work. In addition to Drawing Out Your Team's Best, I have designed and hosted these workshops as a certified facilitator:

  • Vision Setting
  • Group Alignment
  • Culture Development
  • Non-Aggressive Communication

Or if you are interested in a visually documented experience, I can transcribe your conference into a large map through graphic transcription.

To find out more about how I work with groups, or if you would like me to facilitate your next event, get in touch.